I always felt like the new school infomercial dude Vince Offer (better known as Vince the ShamWow Guy) was a little bit sketchy but beating up a hooker is not something I saw happening so early in his career.  It's one thing to turn to the dark side when all of the infomercial gigs have dried up but doing all of this shady shit at the peak of your career?  That's just DUMB. 

I guess I could have seen this coming though. There is just something a little bit off about this guy.   I never trusted him and his weak ass products like I trust the one and only Billy Mays.  The ShamWow is actually just a rip off of the Zorbeez towel too.  This guy can't even get his own products!  Not cool, man.  Not cool: 

Not only did he copy Billy Mays and the Zorbeez almost line for line at times but he's also a little too pushy and arrogant for my liking.  I bet he got beat up as a kid because he was such a tool:
Take a look at that mug shot again.  DAMN!!!  He looks like he's been awake for 3 straight weeks on a coke, meth and heroin binge. Actually, he kind of looks like some of the Southie locals I see at the corner liquor store buying booze and 25 different scratch tickets. He barely resembles that youthful clown with a spiky fohawk in the ShamWow infomercial.

He was probably celebrating the recent success of the simple but effective kitchen tool, the Slap Chop.  What better way is there to celebrate a successful product launch that with a hooker!?!?!  Yikes. 

By the way, have you seen the infomercial for the Slap Chop yet?  It is classic material.  I think he is now bringing a new definition to the "You're gonna love my nuts!" line.  Awesome!

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