"NO F'N WAY!!!"  That's all I could say when I first heard about the new reality show "PitchMen" starring Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan.  This is an absolute dream come true.  Although I usually fun of infomercials, I do enjoy them quite a bit, especially when it's a cool and useful product and the pitch is done right.  It's cheesy but if you have something useful for a mass market, it's a great way to sell a product.

I always wondered what the process was to get a product to market using an infomercial and now we will get to see that from behind the scenes.  This is such a great idea and I'm surprised no one had thought of this before but I am glad that Billy Mays decided to sign on because he is the first person you think of these days when you hear the word infomercial.  Anthony Sullivan is no slouch himself and I'm sure you have seen him in the Swivel Sweeper ads that have been running for the past few years.

They are a great pairing as Billy Mays is loud and in your face while Anthony Sullivan comes across as sophisticated an informative (it must be the foreign accent).  They compliment each other nicely.  I am seriously looking forward to this show and I will definitely be recording the entire season on my DVR.  I am sure you will be hearing more about "PitchMen" from me once it airs on the Discovery Channel starting April 15th.  SWEET!!!

Pitchmen's Discovery Channel Site

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