"An Australian woman had unwanted facial hair that she just couldn't get rid of by any means."  Um, how about shave it?  A razor costs 99 cents and will keep you from getting ridiculed by small children.  You might have some razor bumps and a five o'clock shadow but it's better than putting Nads on your face.  Remind me to never go to Australia to pick up chicks unless I want to end up as an extra on an episode of Carnivale.  I think the lady hosting may have puked in her mouth when she first viewed the before and after photos.  That was a solid dramatic pause.  Unfortunately, I think she has been in this situation before.

I don't even think the facial hair was real, considering it looked like the pubic hair of an 80 year old black man dangling from her face with some theatrical glue.  Even the "Others" on Lost had more believable costumes.  Couldn't they at least give her the dark black pubes or did those cost extra?  Freakin' jokers.  And who thought it was a good idea to name the product Nads?  That's almost as ridiculous as naming your kid Dick Sweat.  How about some common sense people!

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