"Oh No!  Where Did I park my car?"  Ha ha.   This is one of my all time favorites.  Pull your head of your ass old lady and try writing it down or something.  If you can't remember where you parked after going to the mall for a few hours, then you probably shouldn't be driving in the first place.   Put on your diaper and make sure you don't leave the house ever again.  I run the risk of dying every day because people like you are driving 40 in the fast lane, riding the brake or wandering aimlessly in crowded parking lots.

"Micro Technology makes it smaller than a business card."  It's called flash memory and it's been available since the early 90's.  Is this really a selling point?  I would think the old folk that buy this crap would be afraid of being tracked by the the scary Russians.  They refuse to use ATM's or even put money in the bank but they are going to learn how to use an electronic recorder?  I can't even get my grandmother to answer the phone when it's raining because she's afraid that she might get hit by lightining. 

There's a reason why this costs so much less than the competing products...because this is a piece of shit!  But guess what, it's only $9.99!!!  And you also get a built in flashlight and a second "Lil' Reminder" if you act now.  On second tought, that's a pretty good deal.  Where can I order one again?

The French version is a nice added bonus.  I couldn't understand a damn thing they were saying but they sounded a lot more convincing than the English version.  I guess French people don't really suck at everything.  Selling crappy products in Infomercials is right in their wheelhouse.

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