Your eyes are not deceiving you.  This infomercial is real.  I don't think you can fake something so infinitely awesome.  This is definitely a gift from the Infomercial Gods once again!  And Mr. T is still rockin' the sick Mohawk even though he's got a little bit of that Kanye West Black Mullet rockin' in the back.   Nice!

I was hoping he'd have a few of his gold rope chains to complete the old school A-Team look but the extra weight would probably pull down his head and smack it against the counter when he was bending over to eat a piece of steak or something.  We would only be so lucky to witness such comedy gold.   

There is just too much incredible information being delivered by the energetic yet robotic Mr. T and overly excited and extra perky sidekick Darla to type out but I will do my best to pick the best.  I think they say each others names roughly 45 times each as they deliver their corny lines too.  Check out these classics:

Mr. T - "Darla.  Ah mah eyez deceivin' me or am I lookin' at the frozen food section of the supahmarket?"
Darla - "You get to choose from chicken, steak, burgers, fish, ribs."
Mr. T - "But THESE all frozin solid. (Bang. Bang).  I pitty da fool who tries to get these down. I want to eat right now!  Not in a few hours."
Darla - "This is the Flavor Wave Turbo Oven."
Mr. T - "This is the cook?!?!  That's Coooooo!"
Darla - "You just set it too cook and you're off the hook!" (Editor's Note: Weak attempt to try and be the new "Set It and Forget It!)
Mr. T - "Look Ma!  I'm cookin'!  This is DEEEEElicious!  My taste buds IS goin' Wiiiillld!  You're right Darla.  It was fayyysssttt."
Mr. T (about the fries) - "Mmmmm!  They so golden brown and CRISPPPYYY!  IS good Darla!"
Mr. T (staring into camera) - "That's right boys and girls.  It's always good to eat YO veggies!"
Mr. T - "Why microwave when you can Flava Waaaayyyve!"
Darla - "Your not going to turn down a piece of this chocolate cake now, are you?"
Mr. T - "I PITTY DA FOOL who do dat!  Now let me have a piece!"

Here's a few more fantastic clips from one of the best infomercials I've seen in a long time. 
In all seriousness though, the Flavor Wave Turbo Oven actualy looks pretty awesome except for the fact that they are using halogen lighs and a desk fan from CVS to create the "tornado like air flow" with "convection air" on the inside of the machine.  The power of this thing is suspect at best. 

I would love to give this a try and see how the food comes out though.  I HATE defrosting food because I always forget to take it out before work or don't want to wait for it to defrost when I get home.   If you stick it in the microwave, you end up cooking the chicken or meat a little on the edges and it gets all rubbery and dry when you finish cooking it.   This is obviously a severe dillema for the average American that Mr. T was so kind to help us solve.  Thanks, Mr. T!!!

If this works as advertised (questionable), it's a great tool for bachelor's and husbands or lazy wives that can't cook.  I don't think this will sell as well as the Foreman Grill (which I'm sure Mr. T was hoping) but it has some potential.  I can't wait to see this infomercial again some Saturday or Sunday morning when I am hungover out of my mind and absolutely starving.  This is so much better than any movie or TV show available.  Pure comedy. 

Does anyone out there have the Flavor Wave?  If so, what do you think?

Be sure to check out Thane's official site if you're actually interested in buying The Flavor Wave.  Only 3 payments of $39.95!!!  Ha Ha.  Sweet.

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