YES!!!  My man Billy Mays has gone big time with his new ad for   My two favorite things on TV (ESPN and Infomercials) have finally collided to form one super awesome TV ad.  My head almost exploded when I first heard this blaring through the speakers at an obscene level: "BILLY MAYS HERE FOR!"  WhaWhaWhat?  No freakin' way!  Sweet.

Whoever came up with this idea is a genius.  Any time you want to sell your new product or service, who are you going to call?  Obviously it would be the bearded wonder, Billy Mays!  Whatever he's selling, I'm buying. 

"Live sports at work?  That's much better than work at work!"
"Now my job is way less soul crushing."


UPDATE:  Holy crap!  There are 3 more ads with Billy Mays that I never saw until yesterday.  I think the Office theme above is the still the best but the College theme is decent and the Billy Mays Intro with his family (all wearing beards) is pretty classic too.  So good!

Billy Mays Intro
Billy Mays Intro
Billy Mays On The Run

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