This is a new-school classic.  I still see this one on TV once in awhile, which shows they were well ahead of the curve with the "Magic Bullet" presentation.  The fantastic production quality helped this infomercial stay "current' for all those hip folks making fruit smoothies and salsas every day.  This clip is even better than the original because it's edited down just to clips of Berman, the lovable yet skeptical and grumpy party animal.

I don't know what it is about Mimi but she's kind of hot for an older infomercial host.  The more I watch this, the friskier she gets.  As you can see by her flowery and brightly colored sun dress, she's ready to party.   Woah, did this exchange just happen?
Mimi: You're gonna want it there because you're gonna use it EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Berman: C'mon, Mimi.  Every single day?
Mimi: Several times a day.  Because it will do any job in the kitchen in ten seconds or less!

Wow!  Just ten seconds, Mimi?  Wait, we are talking about the tasks the Magic Bullet can handle, right?  Um, I mean the blending tasks?  To be honest, I wouldn't put it past Mimi to test out ALL of the Magic Bullet's potential uses.  She's very thorough.  Let's just move on before this gets any weirder...  

Does Berman live in this house with these infomercial freaks or is he just one of those annoying neighbors that  stops by at all times of the day?  Is it kind of like Big Brother except they are tested on how well they can promote cheap, shitty products as their challenges?  I bet Berman never wins and is always on the eviction block.  He doesn't seem to fit the profile of happy, yet insanely annoying and overacting host.  No wonder he's such a booze bag.  If you can't beat these clowns to win these shitty acting roles, you might as well just drink a bottle of Jack to soak away the pain.

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