Who is the asshole that came up with the Cami Secret?  It had to have been an ugly chick, right?  What the hell is this crap?!?!  Was too much cleavage ever a real issue for anyone?  I mean, if a woman is showing her guns you can assume nothing but good things are going to happen for everyone involved.  Sure, guys might stare and ogle but you can guarantee they are going to be more interested in whatever it is they have to say and that seems like a win/win for everyone.

Why is it that chicks that don't have boobs always try and squish them together and make them bigger or add a little padding to their bra while chicks with bombs always try to hide them?  I have never been able to figure this out.  Let them puppies breathe girl!  God gave them to you for everyone to enjoy.  Take advantage of your gifts to the world!!!

I understand for some bigger chested woman that it's difficult to hide your boobs no matter how hard you try and I can respect the fact that you don't want people staring at your cleavage all day at work but here's a solution for you.  DON'T WHERE CLOTHES THAT SHOW OFF YOUR CLEAVAGE!!!  It seems like a pretty simple solution.  Then you don't need to worry about attaching what is basically a handkerchief to your bra every day.  Ridiculous. 

Now these are some products I can appreciate.  They actually CREATE and ENHANCE the cleavage line, not try and take away one of the greatest things on earth.  I'm pretty sure a guy invented all of these but that's besides the point...

Shapechangers Uplifting Contouring Bra

NuBra Sexy Cleavage Creator

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